Food donations: local animal welfare and assistance

Every year, the 500 animal shelters affiliated with the German animal welfare association take in over 100,000 cats and 90,000 dogs. A total of around 300,000 animals are housed in the shelters, with approximately 70,000 living there permanently as they are unable to be rehoused.

Regional food donations ensure that help is available in these local areas. Each year, FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO donates over 80 tonnes of pet food and accessories.




FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO as a link between people and pets

We have been actively committed to the well-being of animals since 1996. We support animal welfare projects and organisations that foster the relationship between people and animals. We also demonstrate our commitment through numerous monetary, material and food donations.

Animals enrich our lives – day after day. This is our driving force at FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO, as we are all connected by our love of animals. This motto carries through lots of our stores, right through to our headquarters in Krefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany), where one in ten of our employees bring their dog to work.

The protection of animals, and our support for the valuable relationship between people and their pets, has held great personal importance for us for many years. Since 1996, we have been working closely with the German animal welfare association and we have also been supporting their German pet register since 1999.

In addition to this, FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO has been supporting the VITA Assistance Dog Association e.V. since 2008, which is certified to trains dogs for people with physical handicaps.