At FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO we do all we can to make the relationship between owners and pets easier, better and happier. Our two and four-legged customers are greeted with animal-loving staff with professional expertise in our stores, plus a wide range of pet food, accessories, fantastic services and additional offers.

In the online shop, customers will find an even greater range of FRESSNAPF products (currently only available for customers in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland).

FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO customers can choose from a total of nearly 11,000 different items including strong brand partners, regional providers and attractive private labels across all price segments.

Our private labels

In order for us to offer our customers a diverse and wide range of products in our stores and the online shop (currently only available for customers in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland), FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO carries a range of attractive private labels.

These items create a wide product portfolio, ranging from entry level price through to premium products. There are currently eleven private labels available exclusively at FRESSNAPF | MAXI ZOO, including pet food, snacks and dietetic products, litter and accessories such as dog cushions, leashes, collars, feed bowls and toys for all kinds of animals.

Our store employees are continuously trained on all our products so that they can offer customers species-appropriate, tailor-made and competent solutions with strong brands.

MultiFit - Spoilt for choice!

MultiFit is the cheerful, appealing brand for the whole family. It's always the right choice as the exclusive Fressnapf brand MultiFit offers a comprehensive range of simple, species-appropriate products for all your pets, whether big or small.

  • Offers a comprehensive range
  • of simple, species-appropriate and tasty products in the food and
    hygiene domain
  • Delicious, balanced food and tasty snacks for dogs and cats
  • A large range of cat litter and deodorants for the cat litter box
  • Food, snacks and hay as well as litter and straw for all rodents and small pets
  • A comprehensive range for birds and fish

fit + fun is the price-conscious alternative for pet accessories for all the dogs, cats, rodents, ornamental or wild birds and pond fish.
PetBalance Medica
PetBalance Medica provides therapeutic diet feed for dogs and cats. They can be used on various diseases such as allergies, urinary stones, diabetes, renal failure and obesity.
MORE FOR pet accessories products in premium quality and classic elegance stand for special expertise and quality.
AniOne offers for every occasion the right accessories:
from varied toys to cozy bedrooms and berths up to stylish leash and functional transport articles. For more fun and fashionable variety in everyday life with yor favorite animal.
PREMIERE. gives you the wonderful feeling, to spoil your animal friend with high quality products and to do him any good.

PREMIERE. - I love my pet.
REAL NATURE combines the best natural ingredients with a gentle preparation.
These finest products from nature are scrupulously selected and carefully prepared in order to obtain the high nutritional value (- for a natural, unadulterated food).

REAL NATURE - naturally something good.
SELECT GOLD provides highly functional and individual nutritional concepts for dogs and cats in premium quality. Whether young or senior, special care for skin and coat or assistance with feed intolerance - The nutrition solutions of SELECT GOLD give you the security, to feed your pet optimally in any situation.

Premium-quality to pamper your pet. With the fine gourmet delicacies from MOMENTS dog&cat owners can thank their little darling for the beautiful moments they share.

Moments that make us happy - MOMENTS
PetBalance offers high quality feed supplement and gentle care products - developed by veterinarians and nutrition expert. The products assist in the prevention of typical problem areas and in phases of higher stress, such as shedding, breeding or stress.
With REAL NATURE WILDERNESS you opt for a particularly species-appropriate, grain-free diet. REAL NATURE WILDERNESS is based on the natural food supply of the wolf/the wildcat as ancestor of the dog/the domestic cat, which is composed of a high proportion of meat, fruit, vegetables and herbs. All formulas are free of preservatives, flavorings and colorings - 100% natural, 100% wild.

REAL NATURE WILDERNESS - wild by nature!